Finished up the cage work

Just a few more pictures of the final product. I added the Chris Alston swing out clevis kits. They were painfully expensive, but superior to the barn door stuff that’s out there. These are NHRA legal. Not that it matters a whole lot, but its the ease of removal and strength I was looking for.


Well it seems like its been quite a long time since I started this thing and the cage is the first thing I knew I needed to check off the list. First big benchmark in the project. Got started on it Thursday and Friday. Should be done by Monday.

One instant thing I noticed. Theres FAR more rust in the bed than what I was anticipating. This car is really close to being wrecker material. Like one tiny fender bender and I swear this thing would have fallen completely apart. Wow. Still amazed at how much rust this thing had. Never worked on anything so awful! First time for everything…

Start of the NHRA legal roll cage.

Interior ugliness…

Wow. I was not ready for the ugly this Elk is giving me. I’ve built cars from the Midwest where rust is certainly an issue but NOTHING like it effects cars here. WOW. So while I would have liked to have been done with the interior and moved onto the cage work, I’m still chasing demons and pecking away at the rust. Hopefully next update will be cage or cutting up the trans tunnel for the Tremec!