And all the monkeys aren’t in the zoo…

Everyday you’ll meet quite a few, as Bing told us. Apparently this El Camino was owned by a Neanderthal. Evidence of the attempt to mount whatever it was that captain caveman was working on at the time. So lots of patch work and in some cases just replacement of the item/panel/part. I’ve never had to fix so much on a single car. Wow. What a fun journey this has been (not). Thankfully, I think I’ve seen all the ugly. *knock on wood* Here are a couple of my favorites!

Dynacorn heater box

I’ve read a few places about the Dynacorn (Chinese) heater box. I so dislike buying stuff from over seas. In this case, not because its a huge pile of brittle junk, but I don’t wish to perpetuate the theft of many manufacturers hard work and countless engineering dollars. Sure you can by a cheap HEI for $45 but someone in the states engineered it, tested it and took it to market. All these things cost a serious amount of cash. The Chinese just steal whatever they want and there has been little to no intervention by the federal government. So why fuel that and continue to destroy the US worker and economy?

So. Dynacorn makes this heater box. As far as I can tell, its a knock off of the original. Mostly fits but of course is a little off in some of the mounting hole locations and the control levers. Not awful and definitely modifiable. For $250 it was about what I expected. Overall if I was doing a numbers matching, every tiny number and bolt has to be correct restoration, it would fall well short. For a pro-touring driver? Seems to fit the bill. Hopefully it performs too!