Hydraulic clutch

I’ve been asked a few times about how to hook up the hydraulic clutch master cylinder, what to buy and what the total cost is. Heres a little summary

First off, you don’t need to spend $700 on a kit. You certainly can if you choose, but there are much cheaper alternatives.

I’m using a T-56, but this set up will work with the TKO also and I’m sure with the factory Tremecs.

First off, you’ll need a master cylinder. I used the GM part number 12570277 for 98-02 F-Bodys. You can normally pick this up for $150 or less. Over the counter at any Chevy dealer if you choose, or ebay and you might get for cheaper. I found mine from a friend locally though craigslist might also be an option. I paid $100. Factory bled, so you don’t even need to buy hydraulic fluid.

Next its just easier to buy a bracket from Speed Tech. I’ve seen some of the others, but I personally like the Speed Tech one. Part number 80002. Can buy it right off their web site for $79. But beware, you’ll get absolutely pounded on freight. Total cost for mine was $100.79. You’ll need to cut a hole in the firewall for the cylinder to pass through. I TOTALLY measured wrong and cut a big ass hole. Don’t be me. Measure twice, cut once.

You’ll need to drill your factory clutch pedal to shift the pedal height to the factory location and up against the factory bump stop. Install the expensive bracket you bought from Speed Tech, the hydraulic slave and mark the pedal. Be forewarned. You’ll need a couple drill bits for hardened steel. I like the Artu ones. I got mine at Ace Hardware. Avoid every other brand they have. They wont get through the pedal with a hand drill. Maybe a drill press might. $20 for the good drill bits.

Couple bucks for hardware. I threaded the pedal arm so the fine thread bolt screwed into it and then used a nylon lock nut on the outside. You’ll need a low profile, button head bolt to clear the bracket for the brake pedal switch. 3/8 – 24 x 1 1/4″

Total cost was $225.79 Though I’m guessing on average its probably less than $250 for the entire set up. Far cheaper than the kits you’ll buy and the same quality. Plus with GM parts, you’ll always have access in case you damage something.

Ok, a couple pictures.

LS mock up and a little surgery to fit a 1967 El Camino!

Well still waiting on some little interior pieces to move on. Nothing pressing, just normal back order stuff. While I wait, I decided to move on to mocking up the LS, modifying the tunnel to accept the physically longer, taller and wider Tremec. Plus theres the critical task of making sure when all mounted the angle of the output shaft is at the right angle. More on that soon. Busy week so no work till next Sunday. Heres where I got…