More engine mock up

Kind of picking my way through a couple of things. I really don’t want to start on the wiring yet. Not a fan and I guess the task is causing me to do other things. Not going to be able to avoid it much longer. I’m running out of other things to do!

Decided to start looking at the hotside. Without the radiator and core support in, its not exactly something I can get very far on. But this is the first time I’ve had the heads and the manifolds on. So it was a good time to see what the clearances are going to look like. Looks like fabbing up the piping shouldn’t be too bad. Still a few months away. Need to order a radiator. Maybe after Christmas….

Couple pictures from this mock up…

Wow. Two updates. More coming! Into the slower time a year for me and should have more time to get some things accomplished. Finishing up the interior is the priority.

Transmission updates

Went ahead and ordered a short throw shifter. I’m not a fan of the Tremec shifter and wanted to try a short throw to see if I like it. We’ll see how it works. Couple pictures…