Centerforce DYAD

This is one of those parts of this build that excites me the most. I’ve had an opportunity to drive a couple cars with a DYAD and you would swear it was a bone stock hydraulic clutch car. The pedal pressure and feel is just amazing.

I went to Centerforce a few years back and had the opportunity to see their facilities. Made in America manufacturing at its finest. Centerforce has put an actual dyno sheet in every DYAD sold. The assumption everyone makes is that its based off a simple mathematical formula to tell what the system “might” hold. Centerforce took it a step further and built a functional clutch dyno. Every DYAD is run through and the values are recorded so the end user has a true measurement of what their individual DYAD’s capabilities are. Its really an amazing thing to see.

Today my DYAD arrived. Some pictures. Its an absolute shame to hide this under a bellhousing. I cant wait to get this on the road….

Core support

So I ordered a new core support. After looking at how much work it was going to take to clean and repair the one that came in the car, I just decided to spend the money on a reproduction. So far, I’m impressed. Everything I’ve worked on to this point has been spot on. I still need to set it on the frame rails and put the fenders on to see if the critical points match up. Plus the grill and the trim. I’m confident so far. I went ahead and ordered new headlight adjusting hardware and a couple new buckets to go with the HID kit. We’ll see how it turns out. I had to fix the wiring harness that came with it and replaced the cheap plastic wire cover with Painless Classic Braid. Nice stuff! Looks and feels like original equipment. I have a whole bunch for under the dash. Its really nice stuff. I’m probably going to end up replacing the relays for the low and high beams. In my experience, they always burn out way too quickly. I’ll upgrade those later on.

A couple pictures…

Its the little details…

I’ve been putting off some things because I dint want to mess with them at the time. Well, time always runs out and I had to work on the things I’ll “finish later”.

Repaired all the broken fender bolts. Fixed the fuse box mounting location. Seam sealed up the firewall and surrounding areas. Put the dash back together. Laid out the wiring harness and separated out the circuits. Found a 12 bolt…..

The 12 bolt is a bit of a change for me. My plans were to always run a Moser 9″ like I have in everything I’ve built in the last ten years. Not having a 9″ is going to be a bit different for me. The 12 bolt will handle everything I want to throw at it (for now), so I bit the bullet and went ahead and bought one. Has an Eaton carrier and a 3.42 gear which is exactly what I wanted. I’ll order axles, Ford 9″ big ends and the install kit. In the next couple weeks I’ll get it put together and get it ready to take the place of the 10 bolt that came with the car. Just going to be VERY odd to not see a 9″ under the car. Who knows. I may end up liking it? Anyway….some recent pictures.