C&R Performance radiator

With most of this build I’ve been thinking ahead to where I want the car in a few years, and less of what will work right now. Making this investment now will carry me over down the road when I turn the wick up on this thing. Sooo…

Radiator. I’ve used the cheap stuff. I’m not going to talk about that, but I’ve had the chance to work through problems in the past and its given me a new found respect for what the cooling system is and what it needs to be to support the kind of power I’m looking for. This system will touch the cooling system for the engine’s coolant and oil, plus address the power steering cooling. Oil and P/S wont be so crucial NOW, but they will be down the road. So I made the investment now to address these.

Wow. Really. WOW. I’ve seen really nice fab work before, but never owned anything as nice as this. Install went well. Just a few mounting holes to drill. I think it will be ok here. Have to get the rest of the front drive mounted up and make sure I have plenty of room for it and the hotside. I don’t think it will be an issue. The El Camino core support looks to be sufficient to handle the radiator and the job of holding the intercooler when the time arrives. More on that down the road.