The interior is coming right along and the plan I had has changed somewhat, like plans normally do.

The fit and install of the console was exactly what I needed to get some motivation to get the interior moving along. The wiring is still a bit of a pain as its my biggest weakness. Thankfully I have some good friends who haven’t been afraid to give me a little guidance here and there and some expert tips to keep me on track and confident I wont burn the car to the ground when I put power to the system…..

If it seems as though I’ve been working on wiring this car for a year, its because it has been that long. Keep jumping to other projects and other parts of the car, but I keep coming back to this. Its got to get done and sooner than later! Time to push through! A few pictures…

I had some Dynamat left over from another project and decided to use it on the floor. For the bulkhead, ceiling and inner doors, I decided to try out Lizard Skin. Have to say, I’m happy with how it sprayed. Will see how well it keeps the noise out of the interior. I’m optimistic.

Also looking at adding in a small addition to the console to house three gauges that I didn’t have room for in the dash (oil pressure, water temp, boost). More on that at a later date.