Baer Brake Kit part numbers

Got an email asking for part numbers on the brake kit that I used. Baer Pro+ 13″ kit front and rear. Links below;

Baer Front Kit

Baer Rear Kit

These were ordered for a 1967 El Camino front, and a 12 bolt rear with Ford 9″ ends. That way the correct backing plates could be sent with the right configuration for the bearing in the housing end. The 1967 El Camino differential (10 or 12 bolt) has the crappy c-clip style axles. The configuration I went with eliminates the c-clips and puts Ford 9″ large bearing housing ends on. Way better set up.

in goes the 12 bolt

With a suspension kit still a few weeks away from being able to order, figured I’d at least get the 12 bolt in and settled. I *hope* to order the kit around Christmas time. Thankfully the 12 bolt have dropped right into place. Had to move the shock mounts inboard and put the 9″ Ford ends on so I could get rid of the awful GM c clips. One of those rare things that has gone very smoothly on this build!

SEMA time

Well its that time of year again. SEMA is here and the chaos has started.

I attend each year and usually take a ton of pictures. I’ve posted some videos in the past and will post more this year. Will also try and post pictures each day here. Monday is the last day of set up and I usually start posting that evening.

Central Hall video

quik latch hood pins

Ordered a hood today. 2″ cowl. Should clear everything no problem. Gave me the chance to dig out my Quik Latch hood pin kit! These things are so bad ass. Really love the look and feel of the mechanism when its clicked togther. Awesome stuff. I’ll never run an old school lanyard style again.

You can see them here;

Check em out!


Well, not exactly sure what to do with this.

I installed weather stripping a few weeks ago and its set up well, seals and seems to do the job that its supposed to do. One problem that I didn’t really anticipate (which I should have) is the previous owner was a bit on the….well, on the moron side. Half assed everything, including the paint. So the inside doors that had some black paint weren’t really done all that well. The poor prep or lack of any prep at all has started to show. Paint chips off fairly easy and all the surface rust areas can be seen.

Do I destroy the weather stripping and redo the entire door, or let it fly for now and still plan on doing body work sometime down the road if I get the desire to?

I’m 99% sure this is the way its going to stay for now. Maybe it will be the reminder I need to make a decision. In the mean time, all I really want to do is drive this thing next year, so it goes way down the list of stuff to do. Like to the bottom.

JGC steering box

I’ve done this swap on a few of my Chevelle’s in the past and its one of the easiest and useful upgrades there is. Just picked up everything today from O’Reilly Auto Parts. There are a few options here and I’ll provide more details in an upcoming YouTube video.

Some pictures….

Welcome to the new site!

Finally all up and all the links and images work. Will try and update each day I work on it with the images and happenings from that day. Still not 100% sure on the comments section of this blog. We’ll see how it goes.

Can always drop me a note at


Diff day!

Well with all the machine work done on the backing plates and all of the mess sorted out, its time to put the 12 bolt under the car. Figured I’d do it now and when the suspension is finally ordered, I can just drop it in. Also, this gives me the opportunity to make sure this is all correct and will drop into the car. So a little ahead of myself, but its worth the effort now.

Taking off a few days to get it done. Hopefully the weather stabilizes a little and the rain holds off.

Vent window restoration

Did this video about a year ago and just got a couple more of these to restore last week. Think I’ve got the glass setting thing sorted out. I found a local guy who helped me set the windshield and back glass. Gave me some of the seal he uses and showed me how to set it. Will know this weekend when I get this other set finished.

Heres how I do these;


Taking a few days off from the car. Had other things going on over the weekend.

If anyone was curious… first car. 1972 El Camino with a 350 and TH350 trans. Had it for over a year before a drunk driver totaled it for me. Put a 377ci stroker with nitrous in it and a TH400. Was a fun car while it lasted. Wish I still had it! Check out that bitchin’ interior!!!