Canton pan!

I’ve been dreading looking at pans for this build and just assumed that I’d be cutting up a CTS-V pan or truck pan to get it to work. The folks at Canton have really knocked it out of the park with this 15-274 pan. This is a stroker build and the Canton is one of the few pans on the market that address this all the way up to a 4.125 stroke. Really important feature! The questions were;

1. Would the pan hang below the cross member?
2. Will the pan clear the drag link, lock to lock? (big problem with some of the factory pans and quite a few of the aftermarket pans)
3. Will it give me the ability to adjust the engine mounts in the full swing of adjustment so I can find the right weight distribution?

No, yes, yes! Lots of time saved!

Part numbers used;
15-274 pan
15-275 pickup
22-631 filter adaptor