12 bolt?

So for the first time since 1990, I’ll be running a GM differential under one of my a bodies. Shocking. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten used to the idea yet. Its going to be a little odd looking under this thing and NOT see a 9″. Weird.

So. How did I get here?

Initially I had plans for a Moser 9″, Truetrac, yada yada yada. Same old reliable, strong 9″ diff. However about 9 months ago as I realized this car was eating through my budget, I thought about going a cheaper route. Still 9″, but looking at alternatives. I made mention of this in a local forum and low and behold, someone chimed in that they had a 12 bolt posi diff that fit my 1967 El Camino. After some quick thought, I decided why not? Would be way cheaper than a 9″ and if I could get it to last for a year, I could have the car on the road and recover from the costs and upgrade then. Right? Right….

12 bolt was $1000. Great price. No complaints. 3.42 gear. I decided to make a gear change and go with c clip eliminators, install kit and add the Moser 12 bolt cover. Those things should get me to a decent place and hold till it was time to replace. Picked up those things and started looking at getting them set. After sitting in my shop for a couple months, I noticed it was leaking fluid from both sides. No problem. I have the install kit. Should take care of it.

So after talking to Bill Scribner at Scribner Welding (SUPER guy btw. What a fabricator. If you’re in need of a gnarly fabbed 9″, this is the guy to do it. Scribner Welding ). He agreed to take on the job so I dropped everything off at his place. After some discussion, we decided to not run the c clip eliminators due to common leaking issues so I bought another pair of Moser axles and Ford big Tornio ends to convert it over and get rid of the c clips. Cha-ching. More cash spent. Had Bill weld up the axle tubes and straighten it out. Was off several thousandths and was sure to have caused the leaky situation and probably more troubles in the future. Some added tabs for brake lines, and some misc hardware, tack on another $2000 in parts and labor. My cheap 12 bolt turned into most of the cost of a brand new, fully fabbed 9″. Well hell.

Lesson learned. Don’t try to cut corners.

Anyway. It should be pretty bullet proof for awhile… Some pictures.