Back on the brakes

Yup. Back on this to hopefully find a finish.

Part of the problem was settling the gap on the shoes. It led me to find that the calipers are offset enough that it needed to be shifted outboard by quite a bit. The easiest way is to mill a few thousandths off the mounting pad for the caliper to move it out. Easy enough, but I don’t have a mill. Started looking at some that I might be able to buy used or even some the cheap crap from Harbor Freight. I’ve been scanning for a few months but have yet to find one used that wasn’t a professional one that was several thousand dollars. So I looked at the HF ones online but the stores around here don’t carry them. Not sure its the best use of a good amount of cash, but its difficult to say.

I bought the mill set bits at HF and decided to see if I could use them on the drill press I have. Its going to take a bit of work to build a fixture and a way to manipulate it easily to mill off the amount that needs to come off. Started playing with that this evening but ran out of useful ideas on how to do so. Will stop by Sears or HF again and see if I can find something inexpensive to make it happen. In the mean time, I’ll see if I can make due with what I have and build a fixture. I’d really like to get this thing all settled in…….

Hopefully a solution is discovered tomorrow. Happy New Year!