My 1967 Chevelle

Posting pics of my 67 Chevelle has drawn some attention. I get it. It’s a cool car! While I’m enjoying this 1967 El Camino build, it’s no Chevelle. Had a few questions about the car and what I’m doing with it.

I bought it in 1989. I grew up in Kansas City and my friend in high school had grandparents who lived in nearby Lawrence, KS (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) who owned the car. They bought it new and I think it might have been their first car. Nothing special. 283, powerglide Malibu. Super low miles on when I bought it. 67,000. It didn’t get driven much. Just around town in Lawrence where they retired. It was a very well taken care of old Chevelle.

When I bought it, I drove it with the 283 for a while. When I decided to pull it in favor of a 377ci small block I built, it kind of started a bit of a snowball effect. It’s had quite a few different engines and transmissions over the years. Mostly big blocks. Last was an LS and a T-56. One thing that stayed consistent for half its life is a manual transmission. M-20s, Super T10s. Grenaded most of them! The Viper T56 was to be the last one in, but I sold it to pay for a few things that life through my direction.

So what am I doing with it now? Its sitting in storage back in Kansas City until I find a permanent place to live. Right now renting a house from an owner who isn’t too excited about that kind of work being done on his property didn’t seem like the best situation for bringing the car out west. In due time. Eager to get back to work on it. In the meantime, I started this El Camino project to keep me occupied. It’s been fun so far.

The Chevelle was torn down almost 15 years ago to bare chassis and rebuilt from the ground up. Could pictures from that process. It’s the only car I’ve ever kept and I can’t think of a situation that would make me get rid of it!