This build…

I started this build for several reasons. Primarily, I just wanted something new to build and to install and play with some new products on the market in 2013 and beyond. I love working with newer technology or newer products to see how they work and how I can adapt them to my needs.

This project is personal to me for several reasons. My first car was a 1972 El Camino. My Dad helped me pick it out, get a small loan and helped me work on it. He was always good at working through problems and I had plenty to offer him. I had the basics down but still needed some guidance. Dad was a practical guy and he was good at solving problems by thinking of a solution and making what he needed to get it done. The old adage of being able to fix anything with duct tape and a coat hanger fit Dad perfectly. Thankfully, he passed a lot of that on to me.

This El Camino is dedicated to him. Thanks for the tools you gave me Dad. They’ve been invaluable to me.

My love of Chevelles started in high school when my best friend Danny bought a beautiful 66 Chevelle. 350 and a powerglide. Looking back we didn’t do a whole lot to that car other than a rebuild (our first one) and just some little inexpensive things. It was a fun car. Really enjoyed it. Oddly enough, I was the reason Danny bought the Chevelle. His first car was a 72 Duster. God awful ugly car. Slant 6 and interior that would make a 70s disco proud. UGLY green shag carpet dash cover. Wow. I wish I had taken pictures of it. Danny and I used to skip classes now and then and when we did, we would go sit in the car and listen to the radio till the next class started. It was one of those days that I was skipping a class and Danny was off in another. I took the car up to 7-Eleven to get a drink and something to eat. On the way back to school, I got a little squirrely and wrapped it around a tree. Totaled. Put me in the hospital for two weeks and some fun surgery. Danny bought the Chevelle to replace what I destroyed. I’ll never own another a-body car and not think of Danny. Miss ya brother. Rest easy.

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