Affiliate Product Links!

Here is where I’ll share links to the affiliates who sell the products that I have used in my build.


1. They have exceptional customer service
2. They have products either in stock or sold by other distributors that match Amazons customer service standards.
3. Prime. If you aren’t a Prime member, its WELL worth the $99 a year. I cant tell you how much I’ve saved over the years in freight costs just by being a Prime member. Couple that with the free two day shipping, and its FAST and CHEAP. Cant beat it. Try the free trial if you haven’t already. You’ll love it!
Amazon Prime Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


These are the Quik Latch Hood Pins that I am using on the El Camino. I’ll be doing a separate YouTube video on the installation on this sometime early next year. They are super cool, super sturdy and are NHRA certified for use in competition. Awesome!

Buy on Amazon! – Quik Latch Hood Pin Kit

Here is a really short You Tube video on the product.