Interior work

So Christmas has come and gone and given me some time to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to get the interior done before I start on the drivetrain. I wont touch the body this year. Our summers are short and I want to drive it this year before making the decision to move forward with body and paint. Lots of little things to fix, weld, and paint.

8 point cage coming up next!

Tired old six

So like most El Caminos from this era, it came with an inline six cylinder. I’m sure it was adequate for whoever bought this new, but it aint on my list of fun things!

So its time to remove the six and put in a Vortec (LS) LQ4 6.0L engine from a 2002 Silverado 2500. Will be a few months before I get started on the engine build. Interior comes first because I’ll need to cut up the transmission tunnel to accept the Tremec.

Found what I was looking for…

After a few months of scouring craigslist and poking around for something to build, I sort of found what I was looking for.

Initially I wanted a 79-85 El Camino. I figured a newer Elk would be in better shape paint and body wise and maybe still in good shape when it came to the interior and wiring. I never found one in that year range that I wanted or someone else hadn’t gutted and abused. So I expanded my search and found a few 64-70 El Caminos to look at.

I finally settled on this. A fairly well used and abused 1967 El Camino;

And the work begins…..where to start?

1967 El Camino

Here I go again…

Building a 1967 Chevrolet El Camino with some key components that I wanted to use.  Here is the proposed project (as of right this minute);

LQ4 LS 408ci stroker
Lunati rotating assembly
Single Borg Warner turbo charger
Edelbrock Pro Flo XT intake
Edelbrock heads
MSD Ignition Atomic LS
MSD Ignition coil packs and plug wires
ARP fasteners
Aermotive Stealth in tank EFI fuel pump
Tanks Inc. EFI tank
C&R Racing radiator and fans
AIRAID UBI (u-build-it) air intake kit
Canton Racing Products oil pan, pick up and oil filter mount

Tremec T-56 Magnum
Centerforce DYAD dual disk clutch
Quicktime Bellhousing

9″ Ford, posi, 3.55 gears – as yet to be determined who I’ll use to build it

Corbeau seats
Painless Performance wiring harness, ground straps, Classic Braid
OPGI interior, trim and the best place to buy Chevelle and El Camino parts!

At some point during this build, I’ll go in depth with each of these carefully chosen manufacturers and explain why I used them, and some things to look for when ordering parts for your own vehicles.  One thing is for certain.  I’m NOT made of money.  I can only afford to build this thing once and get out on the road and enjoy it.  Our summers are very short here in the Pacific Northwest and I’m not going to spend it broken down!  Choose quality FIRST and worry about the cost later.  I know that’s in contrast to everything we know in this world of checking everyone’s price online and buying from the cheapest source possible.  I buy local.  From my local speed shops and auto parts stores.  If we don’t, we’ll certainly miss them when they eventually fold up shop and go do something else.  So many good speed shops have gone out of business in the past five years. I’m willing to pay a little more to fall back on their expertise and many collective years of selling speed equipment to keep them around.  Ok.  Off my soap box for now.  But you’ll hear me talk about buying local from here on out.

I have another page for my 1967 Chevelle. But its not in too good a shape.  Will have to work on it sometime soon, but for now, it sits while the El Camino begins!

Here we go…..!!!